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Entry #2

Third Animation comming up

2009-04-26 22:54:37 by Rodeworld

I havn't made one since Christmas!
Mainly because I'm lazy..and busy at school..
Anyways, the animation is going to have 2 parts because its kinda long.
This is actually my first "project animation" in which I had voice actors help me out with voices cause I suck at voices.
I've been working on it for like 2 weeks now (an hour a day).
The first part is almost done!
I'm planning to release it next Saturday from now if I don't have any disruptions, so stay tuned....You probably won't, but that's ok cause I know you have a life.
Anyways yea.



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2009-04-26 23:58:56

Bill O'Reilly releases shocking image on his blog called "The Truth about Obama". It's been taken down and Fox is considering firing him, but you can see the image on my userpage!


2009-05-16 14:49:29

Cant wait to see it! Are you using any of my VA work? Best of luck!


2009-05-16 23:29:50

give me a link when it is finished i would love to see the final project