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Third Animation comming up

2009-04-26 22:54:37 by Rodeworld

I havn't made one since Christmas!
Mainly because I'm lazy..and busy at school..
Anyways, the animation is going to have 2 parts because its kinda long.
This is actually my first "project animation" in which I had voice actors help me out with voices cause I suck at voices.
I've been working on it for like 2 weeks now (an hour a day).
The first part is almost done!
I'm planning to release it next Saturday from now if I don't have any disruptions, so stay tuned....You probably won't, but that's ok cause I know you have a life.
Anyways yea.


Hi newgrounds

2008-12-24 21:25:09 by Rodeworld

Hey. I'm new here on newgrounds. I will upload many flash videos since I cannot upload any flash games because I don't know how to script. Today I just posted my second animation, but my first animation posted on newgrounds. I'll upload my first one soon. Anyways, I'll try to keep up with things and not forget.

Well just posting to say "Hi"